Call for Communities and Civil Society to Apply for the UNAIDS Monitoring Technical Advisory Group (MTAG)

The UNAIDS Monitoring Technical Advisory Group (MTAG) would like to recruit three (3) representatives from communities and civil society working on HIV/AIDS to join and help shape the Joint Programme’s routine HIV monitoring. The previous representatives in the MTAG have completed their two-term mandate and contributed rich and important insights to the global HIV monitoring.

The nominees should be familiar with UNAIDS or other routine HIV data collection, and the use of different data in tracking and evaluating HIV-related activities and contexts. Participants’ level of English should be good enough to join in by video conference as, unfortunately, translation is not provided at MTAG meetings.

The next MTAG meeting will be held 20-21 October. Please submit nominations as soon as possible and no later than 9 October 2020 to Morten Ussing ( and Taavi Erkkola ( with copy to Rosalind Coleman ( and Adriana Hewson (


Since the early days of the global HIV and AIDS response, monitoring and evaluation has been shared across agencies, with UNAIDS taking a coordinating role as mandated by various UN declarations. The MTAG is the body created to advise on the content and function across these activities. The mandate and functions of the MTAG are described in this Terms of Reference. The members include a broad range of distinguished experts across national and international organizations working in the AIDS response.

The overall role of the MTAG is to advise on the Global AIDS Monitoring framework (GAM) so that it is fit for purpose to produce quality and actionable data while minimising the reporting burden on the UN member states. More specifically, membership of the MTAG involves evaluating new requests for indicators and refining current indicators; harmonising indicators between agencies; giving guidance on national monitoring systems; and improving the analysis and use of data in programmes. These activities also make an important contribution to monitoring the current target setting for the global AIDS response and the associated revision of global HIV strategy.

Time commitment: MTAG meetings are held once per year, with ad-hoc calls twice per year, or as needed. Members may be called on to contribute to specific products that are seen to be important to the AIDS response.

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