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Bureau Meeting Highlights Challenges with Human Rights Issues & Board Meeting Processes

The NGO Delegation stands up for human rights at the 30th PCB meeting


On 27 June, the PCB Bureau (consisting of Poland, India, USA, the World Bank and the NGO Delegation) met to discuss plans for future UNAIDS board meetings.

Reviewing the 30th PCB in June, the Bureau noted some positive and negative outcomes of the meeting:

  • UN Women becoming 11th Cosponsor;
  • successful resolution of the deadlock related to the Investment Framework tool;
  • outcomes of the debates on the NGO report, financial and performance reports and the UNAIDS technical support;
  • high quality discussions on combination prevention during the thematic day; and
  • high attendance.


  • challenges in the consensus building process on decision points on enabling legal environments;
  • concerns that UNAIDS mandate to address key populations was being challenged; and
  • attempt by one delegation to block the adoption of the report from the previous PCB meeting.

Several Member State delegations had requested that the thematic of ‘non-discrimination’ be removed from the agenda of the 31st meeting in December. The Chair was not in favour of this and the Bureau approved the topic of the next thematic and, in addition, approved for the 33rd meeting a report on the progress on implementation of human rights-related PCB decisions, ensuring that human rights issues would not be downplayed at the Board.

Due to the sometimes challenging themes that thematic days have covered, some Member States have recently challenged the practice of allowing decision points (actionable items) to come from their subsequent reports. It was proposed at this Bureau meeting that as of next PCB the main outcomes of the thematic debate would be reported through a summary report without suggesting specific decision points; the NGO Delegation opposes this and prefers that follow-up maintains decision points or recommendations instead of only a summary.

In the end, the Bureau agreed to have the Secretariat prepare a summary report on the combination prevention thematic segment for the 31st PCB and that the future process for the follow-up of thematic segments be further discussed at the next Bureau meeting in September 2012.

Other agenda items that will be presented at the 31st meeting are: the Monitoring and Evaluation Reference Group (MERG); strategic investment framework; and gender-sensitivity of AIDS responses. A debate on AIDS in the post-MDG, post-2015 era may take place during the 32nd meeting in June 2013.

Read the full meeting summary here.

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